Sunday, October 4, 2009

Trying new methods can be trying!

I've not had time to update this post. I've made two Jack Skellingtons, a Sally, and two Edward Scissorshands since posting the above.Currently, I am working on patterning the Wednesday Addams doll that I made for Littlepooky for the Halloween swap, and drafting a pattern for an Alice in Wonderland doll. I am making improvements upon the pattern that I drafted for the doll that I made for Christmas. She'll have a different head, and I've improved her feet and hands.
Trying out different methods can be trying!
I am also trying and failing to make a body for the Witch. I may have to resort to a wire armature with batting, which is a common method of construction for these kinds of dolls.
Too many irons in the fire!


Miss_Haynes said...

Hi, I found you through a post on Craftsy and oh my! Your dolls are fabulous! I was wondering if you have them listed on etsy?

Paulette Burton said...

Thank You! I have some of them posted on Etsy, but not all. Is there a particular one you were interested in?