Thursday, February 19, 2009

I wish I had unlimited time to make dolls and read books. But, as a mother of five little ones, I have a lot of laundry and dishes to do! I've signed up to make a doll for the Dollstreet Dreamers Discworld challenge. The more I see of other artist's work the more I realize how much I have to learn. I would like to learn more on how to needle sculpt detailed faces.
I've drafted the pattern for one of the dragons for this challenge. I hope it goes together as I've envisioned. The doll has also been drafted, but I'm going back to make modifications. The completed set is due at the end of March! I need to get sewing!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Coral and Pearl

I finally finished my Mermaid and baby.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Awesome yarn

I found the most awesome yarn for hair on my dolls last night. It's called "Homespun" by Lion Brand. After pulling it apart from the center string and the silky thread that's wound around it, it looks just like human hair. The texture isn't the same, but it has all of the wonderful variations of high and low lights that are in hair. I love this stuff. It's a bit fragile as the fibers once they are released from the strings and very soft, but, for a doll that's not played with, it's just fine.For Coral, I've chosen Sierra. It looks like a natural blond. I wanted to get the black and gray version for other dolls, but it will have to wait.
I plan to ask the doll club and Aunt Robin, how to go about selling my dolls. If she doesn't sell, she'll be moving to Florida for Mom's Christmas present. imagine that! A mermaid in Florida!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Coral the Mermaid

I set this doll down for a couple of days. I was a bit dismayed when she turned out full figured, and needed some time to decide how to make lemonade from lemons. I've decided to make her a mom. So, tonight I drafted the pattern for her baby.
I painted her face this afternoon, and love how it turned out. She is going to be a beautiful doll, after all.
So, here's what she looks like now.
I had intended to add glitter only to the sparkle in her eye, and it stuck to the entire eye. I like the effect.