Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Update on Sybil

I received an e-mail last week about the doll Sybil. Tery Pratchett was shown the pictures of the Disc World doll entries. His publicist said that he was reluctant to look at them, but, when he finally did, he was surprised and pleased. He also said that his personal favorite was Sybil! He said the the look on her face captures his character perfectly! I didn't win any prizes for the challenge, but, in my mind, this trumps that. The Author picked my doll as his personal favorite! Awesome! I feel so honored. We may be asked to show our dolls next summer at the Disc World convention in England next year!

Hello, My name is Paulette and I'm a clay addict

I am so frustrated right now. I feel like I've lost my crafty mojo. I want to create, but my hands aren't working right! I've sculpted and taken apart the same head 6 times now. Argh! Here's some of the stuff I've accomplished this month:
The picture on the left is the Witch's head that I sculpted a couple of weeks ago. I've wigged her by gluing sections of wool roving to her head using fabric glue. A technique I learned from watching a youtube video of the Creager sculpting tutorials. You can't see it here because the picture is so fuzzy, but she has a couple of hairs coming from her mole too. And I didn't like her painted on eyebrows, so I carved them off and "rooted" some new ones.
The head on the left is about half of the size of the Witch. I started out sculpting a woman's head, intending it to be Mary for a Nativity. I decided to turn her into joseph, because I didn't think she was pretty enough. The beard and hair are "rooted" the same way as the Witch's eyebrows. I know I need to finish the witch. I'm having some issues about how best to costume her. I bought some fabrics, but some of them just don't feel right. I want her done before Halloween, so that I can display her.
I've also sculpted a baby's head and part of a torso.
My house needs a good cleaning and the laundry needs to be done, and I need to make bread today, so, I need to switch gears. I need to buckle down and tell myself no more sculpting today!

Monday, August 3, 2009

More of the Witch

The beginnings of a Witch

I was so inspired by my first issue of Art Doll Quarterly and decided to try Sculpey again. I am so hooked! Here's the beginnings of my new doll, the Witch from Snow White.