Sunday, February 21, 2010

Woman at the Well

I've finished the head for the woman at the well. I am very pleased at how this has turned out. I can see my sculpting skills getting better with each doll I make. I researched her make up. The wig is made from rare black sheep's wool. I found it online at Etsy. It came all the way from the UK. I am very pleased with the effect and will be buying from them again. I am working on sculpting the hands for this doll now. I don't enjoy it as much as the head, but it's an important part of the personality of the doll.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

So what now?

After doing some research on E-bay, I've decided to make a piece to sell there and see what happens. Hopefully this will give me an idea of how much to price my works, and whether people want the kind of stuff I make.
Last week I was fooling around with a lump of clay, and sculpted the head of a little fairy boy. The piece that I am working on evolved from there. I asked myself who is this and what is he doing. I imagined a scene of a little boy, peeking from behind mushrooms. After sculpting the boy, and the mushrooms, painting them and setting them up on the stand, I decided that he needed a playmate.
I find it interesting that some artists come up with their compositions all at once. They make a drawing and then go from there. My art work evolves, and grows. As it has with this piece. My eight year old son, Jonny, asked me why I've never made a black girl. I told him that I would with this one. So little Danny (he's dressed like a Dandelion) is playing with Susan (who will be dressed as a Black Eyed Susan).

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Commissioned dress

This is the dress that I was commissioned to make. The original dress that this one is based on was cute, but I think that with the small modifications I've made, and the nicer fabric, mine turned out better. But, I guess that's for the client to decide.
I bought the burn out fabric at 60% off after Halloween. The dress is built on a camisole. The burn out fabric is lined in white satin. The binding around the top skirt took two days to hand sew.

Jesus doll

I've finished the Jesus doll for the Woman at the well scene. He's telling about the Living waters and gesturing to the well...that has yet to be made.