Monday, March 9, 2009

Brom the Dragon

Yeah! He's finished. I have about two weeks to make Lady Sybil now. I am glad that the dragon is done. Working with the loose weave upholstery fabric was not fun. And I wired the wings with 20 gauge wire and had to rip it out when I decided it was not the look I was going for. On an unrelated trip to Walmart I found the perfect color of pipe cleaners. Whew! Also, I had to redraft the legs pattern. The first one couldn't be turned. The second draft would have looked funny when I turned the fabric for the foot, and after cutting off the foot it looked like a lamb chop! This guy almost went without legs, until I read that the swamp dragons in Discworld don't fly well. Well, if they don't fly well, then they must have legs!
Third time's a charm. The first head was lopped off and redrafted, What I intended to be cheeks ended up being the brows. A different look than I originally intended but good anyway.
A break of canning last week is just what I needed to get things right.
Now we have a pantry full of salsa, spaghetti sauce, mango chutney and bread and butter pickles.
I can't wait to can peaches, pears and apples this summer.
Sophia (5 months) has decided to get up for 3am feedings again and doesn't like baby food. She wants to nurse. well, I have to tell you that that has to change!


Judi W. said...

I think he's fabulous! Can't wait to see his 'other half'!

Sarah P. Jones said...

Oh he's lovely Paulett! Love the expression. He almost looks sad... Really well done. I like the wings. Have a thing about dragon wings.... :O)

UteV said...

Hi Paulett,
I just saw the troll you made for you son. He is awesome!! I totally love him.
P.S. I'd love to add him to my scrapbook.

Bonnie Lee Fontaine said...

Awesome work! That fabric is amazing dragon skin, but I am NOT jealous of the work you had to do! I think I would have tried an entirely different approach after that, but you stuck to it. Brava!

Cheryl said...

He is awesome and I loved reading about your trials and re-do's. He is worth it tho.