Saturday, February 13, 2010

So what now?

After doing some research on E-bay, I've decided to make a piece to sell there and see what happens. Hopefully this will give me an idea of how much to price my works, and whether people want the kind of stuff I make.
Last week I was fooling around with a lump of clay, and sculpted the head of a little fairy boy. The piece that I am working on evolved from there. I asked myself who is this and what is he doing. I imagined a scene of a little boy, peeking from behind mushrooms. After sculpting the boy, and the mushrooms, painting them and setting them up on the stand, I decided that he needed a playmate.
I find it interesting that some artists come up with their compositions all at once. They make a drawing and then go from there. My art work evolves, and grows. As it has with this piece. My eight year old son, Jonny, asked me why I've never made a black girl. I told him that I would with this one. So little Danny (he's dressed like a Dandelion) is playing with Susan (who will be dressed as a Black Eyed Susan).

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