Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Edgar the Troll

I almost forgot about Edgar! I made him for Hyrum's 9th birthday. Don't ask me how I got from 1 baby to 5 and now my eldest is. It's so true taht the days go by slowly, yet the years speed by!
Anyhoo, Edgar is made using Ute Vasina's pattern for Whisper. To make him more masculine, I sculpted in an uni-brow, and gave him a hint of facial hair. I learned a few things using this pattern that I am now incorporating into my own pattern making. I really like the seperate tow, and the seperate thumb piece. It make the hand look more natural. The only thing I didn't like was the attachment of the legs. I jointed the arms, but the pattern is drafted so that the troll is permanantly in a sitting position. This is okay if it's a work of art that won't be played with, but since I'm making him to be played with, I repositioned the legs. He's a bit bow legged, but that just adds to his character I think!

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